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Features of Caveman 3.0...


Create your own custom character - male or female, its your choice.  Assign points to strength
intelligence, dexterity, health, charisma, and speed.  Select unique interests for your
character.  Choose from over 500 character models.  Gameplay controls let you adjust animal
and caveman encounter chances, your hit points, and your rate of healing.  You can also remap
the input controls to suit your tastes.

Explore a game world 2500 miles across - with no load screens!  A new game world is randomly
generated each time you start a new game.  The game world is persistent and modifiable.  A
wide variety of terrain types are included: frozen tundra, sandy deserts, tropical
rain forests, prairies and grasslands, cliffs, canyons, plus more!  Use the world and local
maps to automatically travel cross-country to within feet of your destination.  You can travel
cross-country at any time, even with hostiles nearby.  Build a raft and sail across the seas
to new lands.

Interact with the terrain, objects, and people to perform actions. There are over 1000
actions you can perform in the game including: travelling cross-country, learning skills,
gathering resources, making tools and weapons, interacting with other cavemen, and
entertainment activities.


Gain experience and bonuses in over 40 skills.  Any skill can be researched, taught to another
caveman, or learned from another caveman.  Performing actions related to a skill can gain you
experience in that skill.  Skills affect almost every aspect of gameplay.  There are no
experience limits, and exponential experience costs for bonuses keeps the gameplay balanced.

Master the basics of survival by taking care of your basic needs like food and water.
Keep your mood up by doing things you enjoy.  Rest and heal to recover from damage.
Seek or build shelter to protect you from the elements.  Use fires to prevent damage from
exposure and encounters with wild animals.

Gather resources to create tools and weapons.  There are hundreds of kinds of objects in the
game, all of which you can find, make, or trade for.  Caveman tracks the quality of all
objects.  Object quality affects the outcome of actions using the object (including combat).

Caveman features dozens of types of actual extinct mega-fauna to hunt - or be hunted by!
Including: Woolly mammoths, Mastodons, and Saber Tooth Tigers!  Use your skills and
weapons to take down an animal. Use you stone knife to butcher it for resources like meat and
hide.  You can even fight avian creatures with missile weapons!  The game is driven by random 
encounters for both animals and cavemen.  Caves, rock shelters, and caverns are the only 'hard
coded' encounter areas in the game.  Encounter chance and type are based on terrain.

Caveman features an in-depth combat system - even windage effects on missiles are modeled!
There are over 50 types of weapons in the game, and many types of armor. Any tool that can
be used as a weapon is considered both a tool and a weapon. Practice those combat skills and
keep your weapon quality up! In a world full of wild animals and the occasional hostile
caveman, combat is inevitable.

Find, takeover, or build a shelter to protect you from the elements.  You can take over caves
and rock shelters. You can build temporary shelters from locally available materials. You can
build a lean-to from parts you carry with you.  You can also build huts and storage pits.
Caves, rock shelters, huts, and storage pits give you a relatively safe place to leave stuff.
Visit and trade with other cavemen at caves, rock shelters, and huts.  But beware of nearby
hostile bands of cavemen and the occasional raid on your shelter!

Interact, trade, and play with with other cavemen.  Hire warriors to accompany you.  Get your
friends to travel with you.  Add travelling companions to your band.  Control multiple band
members and tab between them at any time.

Attack any target to kill or subdue.  Subdue and capture animals.  Tame captured animals and
make them your pets.  Pets travel and fight with you.

Appease the gods, for they influence your fate!  The Caveman pantheon returns to once again
bless or curse your activities!  Bee-muh, God of Weather, is now God of the Sky and King of
the Gods.  Bagah - God of plants, the Earth Goddess Gah, Bahgee - God of Water, Gee-ah -
Godess of fire, and Buggahgoo - god of the happy hunting grounds, all make a return

Use climb mode to scale vertical surfaces.  Just make sure you don't slip and fall!

The weather engine provides a variety of weather effects from blizzards to heatwaves.  There
are also natural disasters such as earthquakes and wildfires.  The dynamic map changes in
response to weather - waterholes fill and dry up, vegetation comes and goes.  The world
changes over time in other ways as well: Nearby bands come and go, cave and rock shelter
occupants change, caverns repopulate, etc.

Use accelerated time to speed up the game while you wait for actions to complete or wait for
encounters.  You can accelerate time at any time, even when there are hostiles nearby or when
you're in combat.

Its the end of the night, time to stop playing.  But how do you save your progress?  Have no
fear!  The full version is here!   The full version has continue last game, load game, save
game, save game as, and autosave capabilities.  The entire game state is saved, down to the
last rock, tree, and bush.  Even missiles in flight are saved.  The game uses a savename you
choose ahead of time, so you don't have to enter a save name every time you save.  The game
keeps the last two saves for each savename as an automatic backup.

Caveman comes with many built-in cheats such as restore all stats, teleport, kill all hostiles,
view unexplored map, database viewers, etc.  It also has many built-in tools such as a game
editor, a modeler, and an animator.  Caveman is designed to be modder friendly.  It uses
common file formats, and the files are readily accessible in the game's folder.

A custom-built high performance graphics engine gives the game the ability to render dense,
complex scenes, and large numbers of characters onscreen at once with no slowdowns, 
even on low end hardware.  Screenshots seen here are from the on-board graphics chip from 
a laptop motherboard.
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