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Caveman v3.0 Demo (Beta version 21)

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Latest update:  Beta 21, July 31st 2015  (99 Meg)


Run cm3_beta21_setup.exe to install the game.
Run caveman.exe to launch the game.
The game can be uninstalled from add/remove programs.
Minimum system requirements:
* Windows Vista
* DirectX 9.0c
* 450M disk space 
Troubleshooting help:
Q: I get a warning from Windows or my browser when I download or run the game.
A: The game is not Veri-Signed yet.  Browsers and Windows may give you warning messages about the file. 
     The file has been scanned for viruses. For extra peace of mind, you can scan it yourself before running it.
Q. The game crashes on startup.
A: Buggy video drivers have been known to cause this.  Try running it at 1024x768 or some other common low resolution.  See below for details.
Q: How do I change the resolution it runs in?

A:  By default, the game auto-selects the highest horizontal resolution that supports 32bit ARGB format. To override this: 
     Create a text file in your Caveman folder called startup_rez.dat.  List the horizontal resolution on the first line, 
     and the vertical on the second. IE:


     for 1024x768 resolution. 

     The directx tools can tell you what 32bit ARGB resolutions your adapter supports.

Q: The game crashes with a "BEX error" or a "Create Process error 740".
A: This can be caused by a problem with your user account controls in windows (possibly corrupt permissions file).
     Do a Google search on "create process error 740" for more information on the problem and how to fix it. 
     This is a windows configuration error - not a problem with caveman.exe. Run as administrator is a possible workaround.
     Buggy video drivers can also cause these error messages. Try running the game at 1024x760 or some other common low resolution (see 
     above for details).
Q: The crashes with a "Create Process error 193: caveman.exe is not a valid win32 app".
A: Windows XP and earlier do not meet the minimum system requirements for the game.  You'll need to upgrade to at least Windows Vista
     to run the game.
Q. The game does not start correctly.

A. Run it with the /d switch. This turns on debugging messages during startup. 
    The last message you see will tell us where the problem is. 
    Contact us via email and we'll do our best to fix the problem.
    We're very interested in getting the game to run on as many PCs as possible.


Feedback / tech support:
please email rockland@rocklandsoftware.net
New for beta 21:
* Skinned mesh cavemen!   No action animations or equipment drawn on them yet - that's next.
* Improved startup resolution autodetect. Game now checks for compatible back and stencil buffers.
New for beta 20:
* Fixed: Forgot to turn off draw_animal_AI.  Draw_animal_AI displays some basic AI debugging info above each active animal and NPC in the game. This debugging info is no longer displayed in beta 20.
Beta 19:
* added export band member
* added import band member
* added de-activate band member
* make pigment rock object smaller.
* draws obj in hand for find pigment rock action.
 * confirmed game won't run on XP.
* added obj in hand for make/find objects #70 pigments thru #173 blanket   (103 objects - some need new anis though). added dinfo and fix as needed. made draw_dropped_object use dinfo where appropriate.
* added: stone drill required to make stone top armor.
* completed first pass at assigning obj in hand for make or find anis for all 237 object types.  but some still need new graphics and / or anis. so most make, find, and repair animations draw object in right hand now, say 400-500 animations or so.
* reduced size of clay object
* make, repair, demolish type animations drawn closer to ground.
* increased NPC base chance to hit from 50% to 70%.
* increased BM hand attack base chance to hit from 60% to 70%.
* increased BM missile attack base chance to hit from 50% to 70%.
* moved make ani back down to -1.5
* made selected_dropped_object the first check in select().
* turned off colision avoidance in rocks. terrains is so thick they appear to just cycle between collision avoidance and collision recovery.
* select: checks for shelter before bedding.
* collision recovery: cut recovery time in half, since they now move at sprint speed (2x run speed)
* BM attack AI: explicitly calcs rng to tgt for start of attack. rng may have not been preset in cases such as "attack orders tgt", which overrides the tgt set by set_tgt.  set_tgt pre-calcs rng and rh to tgt when it set the tgt.
* BM AI: no badguys nearby: priorities changed to:
1. do action
2. collision recovery
3. do orders
4. recover fatigue
5. stand
* BM collision recovery: cut recovery time in half, since they now move at sprint speed (2x run speed)
* maintain dist ai: added is_maintaining _distance AI state flag to animalrec.
AI now flees at 25 and stops fleeing at 50, instead of starting and stopping at 20.
* added BM AI on/off for CM0 via backslash key w/ AI display
* BM AI: draws wpn if attacking
* BM AI: reduced start atk rng
* sleep ani drawn lower to ground
* made sleep take a little longer
* increased rad for "inside perm shelter" from 5 to 10 feet
* daydream, watch clouds, stargaze: mood now goes up one every 5 minutes not 6.
* improved bigdice routine
* AI backs up at half speed
* BM AI start attack range for missile wpns set to 50.
* turned off collision avoiadance in woods - too dense
* collision avoidance rng reduced fro 15 to 10 ft
* playtesting
* flint spear: reduced cordage required from 3 to 2
* doubled value of hides and all objects made from hides
* done - made int affect building and fixing hut
* done - made int affect learn action: time, chance, and  xp earned.
* done - fill waterskins takes too long
* done - draw all bm's on local map
* done - remove dead / butchered / sacrificed anilas after a while
* done - kick bm out of band
* done:   "<bm name> you learned something new about <skill>" msg
* done: show bm name for a few secs when tab to next bm
* done: changed "do" and ".do" keywords in cscript to "d" and ".d". removed all c++ code blocks from source code. all code is now cscript or c++ that does not conflict with cscipt keywords. no c++ code pass thru blocks required! no "cpp" and ".cpp" everyhwere in the code! recompiled all source code with new version of cscript.
* done: made perm shelters a world object
* done: repair: parts reqd: 1/2 round down, not up.
* done: repair: quality is now avg of old and new.
* done - too easy to find cool rocks
* done - adj party str - too many badguys?
* done - companion ai stop when within 20
* done - increase base chance to make lean-to
* done - made int have greater effect on time and chance to learn stuff
* done: increase value of hides and stuff made with hides
* done: make flint tipped spear: only reqires two cordage.
* done: objects ropped in aved get placed outside caves.
* done: made int affect qual of tirm repaired
* dont let them pickup player huts - and abandoned huts - and landmarks
* adjust hut collision checks
* separate key for pickup dropped object. - z?
* bmsg "you pass out from lack of sleep"
* add "quiting caveman" screen at end of prog
* storepit full msg added, objects no longer lost when pit is full.
* precip increases water table by twice as much. no precip reduces water table by half as much. water table goes to baseline twice as fast over time. had global warming issues.
* automap_small_stuff radius increased to 300 feet
* fixed: automap_small_stuff does huts now.
* added next idle band member hotkey "N"
* daydream etc increases mood faster
* bmsg you arrive at your dest
* quiting caveman screen
* show all parts / skils for action if you dont have something
* joke and story actions: increased chance of relations improvement, increased mood boost.
* doubled find time for flint and cool rocks
* added initializing blank game msg
* increased base chance to make temp shelter. made int affect chance. improved how chance is calculated.
* increased chance to make storepit
* reduced caveman base number appearing.
* reduced effect of party strength on cavean number appearing
* party strength based on those within 300 feet, not on those in same map sqaure.
* increased drawing radius of bedding and storepits
* fixed: party_strength: using a continue statment in the while loop skipped the call to next_active_BM at the end of the loop. hazards of using a "findfirst/findnext while loop" instead of a "0 to max for loop". bloody generic iterators! 
* make cordage, make arrow actions: now continue until you run out of parts.
* show next BM name in UL corner of screen for a moment when tab to next BM.
* remove butchered / sacrificed animals after some period of time.
* increased no draw rng for huts and storepits.
* fixed: common ai: tgt is stronger: was using BMs hp adjusted for diff lvl, not base hp for a type 2 animal (homo sapien).  predators would close, then flee during common fight or flight.
* fixed: subdued and captured animals shouldn't be able to move.
* turned off atk to subdue.  doesnt make sense for domesticating dire wolves, and you can't subdue and capture cavemen, and you shouldnt really be able to domesticate anything else, so...
* dire wolf hp reduced to less than humans so they dont atk people.
* need to implement new way to domesticate dire wolf. dire wolf goes for dropped meat. drop enough they follow you. drop more they allow you to approach. give meat action. give enough meat, they become pet. added new dire wolf AI: if dropped meat nearby, they goto dropped meat and eat it. eat enough, they start following the closest BM at that time. eat more, that bm can approach and select and get dire wolf menu (give meat, cancel). give enough eat, they become state=TAMED.
* dire wolf - they dont move to the meat - exhausted? called run (spd based on rng to tgt) instead of run maxspd
* fixed: predators ignore stronger animals. sets pred tgt (ignore equal or stronger) only when hunting, and sets wild tgt (dont ignore any) the rest of the time.
* fatigued animals now rest until fully rested, not 2% rested
* wolf: moveto owner: runs if rng > 100
* wolves with relations > 1000 are not removed when distant
* player can now accel tieme faster than 128x when only predators weaker than humans are nearby
* added message when tame wolf
* added "enter name for new pet..." when tame wolf
* fixed: other wolves attack your wolf when you tame it. friendly wolves no longer count as leader for flock behavior. other wolves now wander off.
* fixed: wounded tame animals flee forever. made AI flee from closest threat, not current target (pet owner if pet is far from owner). added closest threat function based on animal type (wild animals and hostile cavemen, -or- pets, warriors, companions, friendly cavemen, and bandmembers).
* predators now only target weaker foes, not equal or weaker.
* wild leaders for flock behavoir now excludes tamed animals and friendly wolves.
* fixed: drink from leaves: says its snowing when its raining! used 40 degrees instead of SNOW_TEMP. searched the entire code. this was the only place SNOW_TEMP wasn't used when it should be.
* fixed: pick fruit crashes game. tool_and_part_quality: calculating avg quality of tools and parts used: did divide by zero if numtools and numparts was zero. now returns quality of 100 of numtools and numparts is zero. did same fix to RR_tool_and_part_quality. no other occurances of similar code "/ sum count" in the game. shift select blows up if list full, no range check? - same bug.
* fixed: pick fruit action - game crashes. tool_and_part_quality: calculate avg tool and part quality: divide by zero if numparts and numtools  = 0. now returns quality 100 if numprts and numtools = 0. did same fix to RR_tool_and_part_quality. searched entire code for: "/ sum" to find bugs similar to: "/ sum count". none found.
* fixed: full storpit - get stuff - scroll way down crahses? select_object and shift_select_object: list was 20 long, now is 40 long, scroll limit was still max-20, not max-40. no similar bugs found.
* animals list full? added error messages everywhere the game adds animals.
* cool rocks still too easy to find. doubled time required. cut chance in half. works out to about 4x as hard.
* fixed: demolish wood shelter doesnt take long enough. demolish_shelter action used buildtime(world_object_index), not buildtime(world_object_index.shelter_type) oops! <g>.
* fixed: demolish leanto doesnt take long enough: fix to demolish_shelter action fixed this too!
* base chance to make bedding too low? increased from 50% to 70%
* bow wears out too quickly? cut avg rate of wear by factor of 10.
* add storepit - doesnt rest chunks and collision maps? the low level funtion now does it for all calls to add storpit.
* fixed: demolish bedding in shelter demolishes the bedding. was demolishing sheletr_index, not sheleter_index.bedding_index             oops! <g>.
* fixed: shelter weathers away while bm inside asleep, or inside in general. added msg that your temp shelter weathered away.
* fixed: ingame menu: increase width of hotspots
* fixed: ingame menu: video and gameplay hotspots overlap
* fixed: ingame menu: only play klik when the click on an option.
* fixed: dont let them move x-country from inside temp shelter. did "up a tree" too! now can only move x-country when OUTSIDE or ONRAFT
* fixed: npcs: all interests should be unique
* show msg when complete search dead caveman action, then show the take item screen.
* search dead caveman: if they dont have anything, just show a msg instead of the take item screen.
* fixed: daydream etc should reduce fatigue. energy wasn't set to 1 for daydream, stargaze, and watch clouds actions. energy=1 means they recharge fatigue while doing that action.
* fill waterskinrain doesnt take long enough - increased time by factor of 10.
* done: to make / fix (skills list) msg: dont say make / fix. its used for stuff like learn too!
* fixed: collision recovery moves before it finishes turning? now it doesnt move until abs(rh) < ~11 degrees, not <45 degreees.
* what happens when run out of ani players? turned on error msg in z3d library
* fixed: falling rain should not wake up bms inside a hut. BMs in player huts and rock shelters are not woken up by precip.
* fixed: move following bm's moves any following even if not nearby or following someone else. only move nearby who are following the BM in question.
* increase size of collision map cache. increased from 20 to 40.
* done: make mouse wheel zoom camera in and out faster. did keyboard controls too (numpad  plus and minus by default).
* done: 3pv cam vs hut interior - switch to 1pv temporarily? uses 1pv when  player is inside hut.
* fixed: glypto moves too fast. cut speed in half.
* big cats get stuck in woods
.  big animal encounter spacing vs rocks and other dense terrain
.  big animal encounter rng too close
.  elasmo vs woods
.  imp mammoth encounters too close to player.
. imp mammoths start too close togetehr. flip betw collision avoiddance and recovery.
.  palorchestes gets stuck in woods
increased spacing. increased encounter range based on size of group.  now near edge of group, not center of group, is at encounter range. fixed something in way of animal - it didnt take radius into account - thus the animals stuck in rocks etc. now it checks center, and the 4 bbox corners for something in way of an animal when doing initial placement of animals encountered. 
* fixed: game crashes when you try to fix something that can't be fixed (wood grindstone, 1 hand hammer, etc). now it gives you a message saying that type of object can't be repaiered.
* fixed: follower joins band: rain sfx stops. player stuck in collision with new BM.
action sfx init-ed to 0 not -1. didn't adjust bandmember location. adj bm loc didnt handle radius.
stuck in collsion with new bm: rounding error: animal_in_way_of_bm used float rng, bm_in_way_of_bm used ints. now both use floats.
* fixed: move followers, moves those with orders to the contrary suchas wait here goto here, etc. followers with goto orders, or orders to follow someone other than the moving BM, dont get moved. 
* attack thief - all neutrals become hostile? only if you attack before the dialog shows.
* yield: init NPC_type so yield works? test yield. make sure it works. it may not use npc_type anymore. yield works. npc type is set already. make thief_dialog set thief to NPC_KILLER if they
become a HOSTILE.
* cave hyena didn't attack? increased hp of some predators so their AI will attack humans
* orders: atk: doesn't work when no tgt? or at all? need to test it some. if no orders tgt, uses current tgt, if none, doesnt atk. tested. woking fine.
* fixed: order pet to wait here doesnt work. b2_issue_animal_orders told animal i to goto bandmember i's location, not animal i's location. a copy-paste-edit error, introduced when converting the code from cm[] to animal[]. but follower AI still needs help. they follow owner before following orders!
* follower ai needs help - make it like bm ai. changed follower ai:
old priorities:
do common AI
move2owner if > 100
if tgt nearby do orders or atk
listen to story etc
moveto owner if > 20
new priorities:
do common AI
do orders (if has orders)
atk nearby tgt (if has one)
listen to story etc
set move2owner_flag
move2owner (if flag set)
* fixed: game doesn't model spoilage of food in storepits
* already done: teach doesn't take as long as learn? already fixed: learn was called once per game minute, and teach was called once per frame (update or turn) - IE 15x per game second.
* show skills: dont show last 3 undefined skills. dont show mapmaking.  is bonelore used? mapmaking?   re-did view_skills - made a new view_skills2 routine. bonelore and mapmaking are gone. 
* order everyone: gets goto location, target, or who to follow just once, instead of once for each party member ordered.
* fixed: didnt set bedding's world object ID when resting on bedding. 
* DONE: dont let 2 BMs use the same bedding at same time. when select bedding, need to check all other bm's for bedding action with that bedding, if found, show msg saying someone is already using that bedding.
* improve how water and waterskins work. move the water with the container.
make sure they have sufficient waterskins whenever they transfer water. store in pit, drop on ground, fill waterskins (water source or rain), give water to bm, pickup dropped, etc.
when they transfer a waterskin, transfer water as needed. dont let them drop water. only let them drop water in waterskins. abandon water as requierd if they abandon waterskin.
need to possibly mod calls to add2inventory and add2stufflist. fill waterskin watersource, fill waterskin rain, give water to bm, npc menu (trade, ask for item), trade with band (get water). 
* fill waterskins and fill waterskins rain check for waterskins full and max encumberance at start of action handlers. fill waterskins didnt check encumberance until water was gathered. fill waterskins rain didnt check it at all!
* all fill waterskin from water source actions now use try_fill_waterskins.
* made sure fill waterskins and fill waterskins rain check for player has waterskins. so now  - for sure - they can't gather water without waterskins. can only get it from storepit, other BM, NPC, or trading with a friendly band.
* checked: get stuff from storepit makes sure they can carry water before giving it to them. so it makes sure they have enough waterskins.
* store stuff: checks for waterskins in the pit, and not all full. now you cant store water in a pit that doesnt have non-full waterskins.
* drop object: no longer lets you drop water. tells you to drop a waterskin instead. 
* checked: pickup dropped object calls can_carry, which check encumberance, container capacity, and waterskin capacity. so they can't pickup dropped water without a non-full waterskin.
* newtrade and trade_with_band: doesnt let you trade for water if you dont have non-full waterskin.
* ask for item: doesnt give water if cant carry
* trader hut: doesnt trade for water if cant carry
* give_item2bandmember: doesnt give water if cant carry
* getstuff and storestuff: transfers water as needed when get/store waterskin.
* give_item2bandmember: transfers water as needed when give waterskin.
* trade_with_band: removes water as needed when trade away waterskins
* new_trade: removes water as needed when trade away waterskins
* trader_hut: removes water as needed when trade away waterskins
* fixed: some calls to indexdropat checked for return of 0, not -1 on error.
* indexdropat activates new record for each waterskin dropped. no longer adds waterskins to existing active records. so each active record with a waterskin has only one waterskin, and    data[0] can be used to store how much water is in it.
* drop object: transfers water to dropped waterskin as needed. amount of water is stored in waterskin worldobj[].data[0].
* abandon object: removes water as needed when abandon waterskins
* transfer_to_waterskin_as_needed: calcs avg qual of water transferred, and stores it in worldobj[].data[1]
* pickup_object: if object is WATERSKIN, checks encumbrance vs waterskin+the water in it, and transfers the water with the waterskin, if they can carry both the waterskin and the water in it.
* DONE: turn clip ranges and autocliprange on again. this also fixed: clip rng for animals too far compared to clip rng for terrain chunks.
* cant see small dead animal under the water. draw them at y = 0. dead animal in water are now drawn at y=0 (water level) - IE half floating in the water.
* 3pv cam, make min altitude ground + a few feet so its above ground coverage. defined MIN_ALT_3PV_CAM. set it to 3.0f (three feet). old hard coded value was 1 foot.
added it to set 3pv cam for: cave, cavern, outdoors, perm shelter, rockshelter, and hut.
* make anis: need different y's for male and female.
* dawn & dusk are a little to dark. they are now lower limited to nighttime lightness. 
* fixed: doesnt do fire light in adjacent map sq
* make 3pv cam look over avatar's rt shoulder
* sleep ani - draw at different heights dependingon has bedding
* dont draw avatar in 3pv if player is looking almost straight up.
* make sure accel time display, tutor messages, hud, etc dont overdraw each other.
* already done: not stop and start anis correctly when NPC joins band?
* already done: view inventory: flush sprites before drawmouse
* sleep on bedding: make them line up on the bedding. adjust location and orientation.
* dont play rain sfx when snowing
* doesnt play fire sfx in adj map sq. typo bug. called dist w/ mx,mx,x,z, not mx,mz,x,z.
* view stats - only play klick when they click on the done or rename buttons.
* add tada sfx to game saved.
* make animals do sliding collisions
* already done during playtesting: show all BMs on local map
* make mouse wheel zoom world map in and out.
* reinit dice from time to time. now calls initdice once per game day.
* more animals ? double the base chance of animal encounters?
increased by 10x. try it and see...
* more water. rocks etc?
water: every map sq, to once every 10-100 map squares
    chert, flint: 28% of land = 1 in 3.57 map sq's on avg.
    obsidian, quartzite: 1 per 230 map squares (mtns & volcanos only)
volcanoes: one per 4600 map sq on avg. in lines along plate boundaries.
tar: seeps from underground oil deposits which cover perhaps 10% of the planet. = 1 in 10 map sq's on avg.
* talk to caveman: ask directions to rocks, berry bushes, good hunting grounds, etc. a simple goto location quest. getting there is the reward. talk to cavemen: ask directions to water, woods, rocks, etc. do they always know where stuff is? do they always tell you? do they sometimes tell you a bogus location? can you ask them more than once and get a different response?-no
+ trade maps w/ npcs, will they trade? do they gve you a bogus map? can you trade more than once and get different maps?-no
+ npcs: ask whats around: do they always know? will they tell always you? do they sometimes give you bogus info? can you ask more than once and get a different response?-no
+ combine ask directions, whats around, and trade maps, and what do you get? an extended whats around. npc: exchange knowledge of area.  caveman: ask whats nearby - automaps everything in a 1 or 2 (or more?) map square radius around the player. not as realistic as tracking what each npc knows, wheter they will tell you, if they give you bogus info, if you've already asked them, etc. so you need flags for "what they know", and "if you've asked them already" for each thing you can ask them (where's rocks, water, wood, whats to the north, etc)
+ simpler - relations governs if they tell you or not, and it reveals world map in a 2 map sq rad (for example) on success, and nukes relations some on failure. but can ask again, (with ever decreasing chance of success due to ever decreasing relations from repeatedly asking  ; )  <g>).
+ or would early humans freely share such knowledge? friendly caveman: exchange knowledge of local region.  why wouldnt they? resource competition? not in early stages when resoureces where plentiful. cant see why they wouldnt share knowldge of local area. it would automap say, everything in a 1 map sq radius around current location - world and local maps - completely - IE entire local maps revealed. 
* talk to cavemen, ask if you can travel with them. - if yes...then what?  you can follow them around -whooptie do!  if no...then what? they throw rocks at you to keep you from following them? i mean - hey, its a free planet - right? if you happen to go where they do, as long as you dont interact with tem and nuke relations, no biggie. - or- you become their companion, and must hang out near them, and they fight with you, and give you orders. go here, wait, attack that, etc. but a nearby friendly will generally fight with you. so ask to travel with may not be needed. you can just follow them if you feel like it.
* add dismiss follower action
* already done: encounters don't correct for encounter location in adjacent map sq when player near map sq edge.
* "move storepit" added to playtest menu
* fixed: Zdomessages, getmouse, and mouse wheel. now fps view and world map both zoom with mouse wheel.
* grogs game converted to new savegame format.
* new world map generated for grogs game. moved the base camp. added new huts and bedding. moved all storepuits. abandodned empty storepits. 
* finished converting grogs game to new world map. demolished all old huts and bedding. now they're all at the new camp, making arrows, gathering wood, or sleeping.
* made BM vs BM and BM vs NPC relations go to zero over time
* followers: take shares. original version, followers took a share of hides, meat etc from kills at the end of fps combat mode. now follower reations go down over time. if < 50, they leave your party. so you have to give hides etc to keep them in your party.
* types and numbers of animals at crh's is not persistant. when gen encounter, have to set type and num. when one dies, reduce num. added animal_type and num_animals to crhrec. added is_crh_animal and crh_num to animal rec. if game does cave or rocksheletr animal encounter, if crh2.num_animals<1, it generates crh2.animal_type and crh2.num_animals. else it uses the current values. when an animal is killed, if animal.is_crh_animal, crh2[animal.crh_num].num_animals--.
* eruptions: should be 10% chance per year per volcano of 1 eruption. = 10/365/24% chance per hour for a given volcano. reduced from one per week on avg to ~10% chance per year, specifically:  11 in 1000000 per hour.
* improve timing of state changes in graze AI. reduced chance for state changes by factor of 10. flock rng changed from 50 to 25*animaltype.rad.
* make int have greater effect on time and chance to make and fix stuff. some of this is already done, but not all make and fix actions. make int affect time, chance, and qual of all items made or repaired. also added adjust for dex as needed.
teach bandmember (learners int only, not teachers)
poison wpn
train (w/ wpn)
* improve avian ai. fixed: move_avian set y to ground height! made "orders: maintain distance" use new maintain_distance AI code.  made avian AI code match animal AI code. collapsed some redundant code into single stand alone function calls. 
* drop object doesnt handle dropping objects across a map sq edge into the next map sq! need to normalize dropat location rel to cm0.  either that or remove distant dropped doesnt work across map squares. fixed: drop_object now normalizes drop location. any_BM_near_worldobj: added check for BB map sq dist < 2. it already handled map sq edges in other respects.
* game doesn't model bedding weathering, just wearing out from use. 
* fixed: bedding.data[0]=is_in_shelter, bedding.data[1]=shelter_num, shelter.data[0]=has_bedding, shelter.data[1]=bedding_num
* make teachers int affect "teach bandmember" action.
* fixed: bm_in_way_of_bm: call to BBdist: typo:  was mx1 mx1 mx2 mz2, not mx1 mz1 mx2 mz2. duh! took all morning to find and fix. will check all calls to bbdist for similar typos.  and calls to dist2!
* fixed: get_fire_sfx: typo in call to bbdist
* fixed: get_fire_sfx: typo in call to dist2
* checked all 174 occurances of BBdist for typos. only found the one in get_fire_sfx.
* checked all 68 occurances of dist2 for typos. get_fire_sfx was the only one. 
* fixed: getstuff and storestuff: was if index==WATER, not if object[index].type==WATER.
* fixed: getstuff and storestuff: was "if index==WATER", not "if object[index].type==WATER".
* fixed: drop_object: was "if index==WATER", not "if object[index].type==WATER".
* fixed: too many encounters are elephants. now all 6 elephant types collectively have the same chance as any other single animal type of appearing in a given type of terrain.  IE if there are say, 32 differnt types of common animals in a given terrain type, now just one will be "some sort of elephant". what sort of elephant is then determined based on the terrain type (not all types of elephants appear in all terrain types). this for example, reduced elphant encounters in savanna from 16% to 3% of all animal encounters.
* checked out skinned meshes. code looks doable. .x files look ok. truespace has rigged models ready to go. need to learn how to animate models in truespace.
* eat/drink: show a menu of edible inventory to choose from. 
* make mouse wheel zoom world map faster.
* butcher: add bmsg(). added "<bandmember name>: you butchered an animal!"
made all messages such as "you get some meat!" read "<bandmember name>: you get some meat!". that should help keep things straight when the band is butchering kills after a hunt.
* automatically load last saved game if player dies (except in tutor). added to continue, new, and load.
* replace all calls to select_item with shift_select_item. now only repair_object and sell_to_trader actions have you select just one object at a time. only "select item to trade band for" needed to be changed. all others already used shift_select_item.
* implemented new zoom-able local map!  : )
* more hotkeys for world map: arrow keys and numpad arrow keys to scroll u/d/l/r. 
* more hotkeys for local map: arrow keys and numpad arrow keys to scroll u/d/l/r. 
* fixed: 1pv w/ wpn drawn, or sprinting, can see 3pv avatar! code got screwed up when "dont draw avatar in 3pv when looking almost straight up" was added. this also fixed: still draws 3pv cam when look up
* fixed: 3pv cam is too far to the right. moved to from 1 foot to 1/2 foot right of center. #defined xofs_3pv_cam. made all six versions of set3pv cam use it. there are six versions to adjust to the six different types of complex environments in the game (outdoors, in hut, in rockshelter, in cave, in cavern, and in playerhut).
* girl sleep on bedding: bandmember y is too high. chnged from baseline_y-1 to baseline_y-1.5
* increase drawing clip rad of animal #30 small antelope. increased from 2 to 3.
* change loading screen to copyright 2015. made new loadmsg() routine.
* add ability to toggle between world and local maps
* test avian attack ai - not working right?
+ fixed: didnt call set_predator_tgt (weaker prey only) when hunting. it would target strong prey, then flee when close!
+ fixed: didn't call do_animal_attack when attacking! it would dive on a target correctly (the hard part), but not attack when it got there!
+ fixed: avians start their attack too late. doubled avian vs ground target start_attack_range  from 30 to 60. makes perfect sense. the new AI attacks at sprint speed, not run speed - IE double the speed it used to. so now it needs to start its attack twice as far away. i love it when the physics works out correctly! now once again, if there are big hungry avian predators around, you'd better do something or you're going to die!
+ fixed: avians now land before resting due to fatigue
+ fixed: set xr (pitch) to zero when standing.
+ fixed: climb/dive vs avian tgt: it was setting desired_altitude to ground level at target's location for all targets, even avains. now it sets desired_altitude for avian targets to the target's altitude.
***** still need to test avian vs avain start_attack_range.   in general, start attack range formula may need to get fancier, and take into account speed and direction of attacker and target, not just speed of attacker and range to target. stuff done to fix avian vs avian AI:
* renamed b2_avian_attack() to b2_avian_attack_ground_target(). B2_avain_attack() is tailored for ground attack.
* added b2_avian_attak_avian_target()
* added: b2_avian_match_targets_altitude() for use by avians against avian targets. 
* fixed: draw_animal_model: if dead: if in water draw at water level, else draw at ground level.
was backwards: if in_water draw at ground level, else draw at water level. (oops!)
* fixed: didnt start to land to eat carcass until right above it. now: if not at carcass, but within within 50: if flying, lands, else fly a bit (towards carcass).  landing starting at 50 put them close, fly a bit (which causes oscillation betwen fly and land, until at carcass) make them "hop up" to the carcass - just like a real bird.
* added instructions to the "create a new character" screen
* demo now starts player in temperate savanna terrain.
* end demo: removed references to atk to subdue and capture.
* tutor: added info about "z" key to pick up dropped objects
* turned off playtest hotkeys in demo
* increased cave hyena hp in demo so they attack player.
* tutor: gives encounter advice right after the normal encounter message - not right before.
* upatree: badguys dont leave! simply have them ignore targets that are up a tree. set_predator_target now ignores band members who are up a tree if the animal type can`t climb trees. 
Beta 18:
* added heuristic collision avoidance to AI
* added background terrain chunk generation.
* added sound detection modeling to stealth modeling. chance of detection based on whether you're moving, terrain type, and stealth skill experience points.
* game now plays combat music when player is hunting non-hostile animals:  IE when wpn drawn and wild animal within 40 feet.
* added "select file" screen for loading games.
* added automatic save game file name generation. this along with "select file" for loading allows for practically unlimited saves of a game 
    (up to 4.2 billion or so per save name, or the limits of disk space).
* added drumroll sfx to important messages: succes or failure on make or repair or learn. kill with hand or missile wpn, all encounters, taking damage, death, getting sick, recover from illness, all damage heals, etc.

Beta 17:


* turned off f9-f12 in fps input. anytime input already does them.
* improved graphics: made savanna grass spacing and x,y,z scales data driven.  adjusted savanna grass spacing and scales.
* fixed: collision maps didn't "hollow out" huts and perm shelters
* more accurate collision checking vs huts & perm shelters. if collision map says its a collision, 
     it then checks using the older more accurate method (true 2d distance from hut) to determine if collision occurred.
* changed draw, collision map, and action area for rocks so they all match up nicely.
* bm2 gets animal encounters when near bm1. it should only check for bm1, and skip bm2. or in general: check for bm "lowest" and skip all bm "highers".  fixed: off by one error in encounters_already_checked(). it looped over 0 thru Bm-2 not 0 thru Bm-1.
* move following bm's: don't move if they're doing an action.
* make ani: draw them higher off the ground.
* make it so you slide off obstacles, instead of stopping. 
* added slide on collision to collisions with band members, animals, steep rises, cave walls, and cavern walls, as well as terrain obstacles.
Beta 16:
* fixed: rock collisions not working, and "select" only selects rocks in terrain with rocks. 
    rocks bounding box radius used by "select" and "collision map" was not the same as that used by "terrain chunks".   
    this was a result of the change to calc_rock_BBox made in beta 14.  It did not turn up immediately in testing.
* fixed: local map: action areas for "center on player" and "center on quest" buttons were off.
* the game now shows a message when there are hostiles nearby and you try to accelerate time > 128 times normal speed.
* doubled y scaling used for (IE: thickness of) stone knife mesh
* added nobutton after "center on player" and "center on quest" in local map.
* added alt-tab support to modeler.
cut size of stone object in half
* cut size of wood object in half
* the game now draws objects in hand during action animations for  (action - item in hand):
find stone - 2 hand hammer (large chunk of stone)
find one hand hammer - 1 hand hammer
find two hand hammer - 2 hand hammer
find flint - flint
find cool rock - cool rock
find throwing rock - throwing rock
make stone knife - one hand hammer
butcher action - stone knife
make raincatch - stone knife
find wood - wood
find herbs - herbs
make waterskin - stone knife
find spices - spices
find nuts - nuts
find grain - handful of grain 
find veggies - digging stick
find fire sticks - wood
make boiling bag - stone knife
find  boiling stone - two hand hammer (large chunk of stone)
find grinding slab - two hand hammer (large chunk of stone)
find grinding stone - two hand hammer (large chunk of stone)
make flint knife - one hand hammer
make torch - stone knife

Beta 15:
* increased collision radius of Gigantopithicus. 
* only says "Bagaba"  (essentially Caveman speak for "Ok" <g>) if its the current band member starting an action.
* local map: + and - dont do anything! - removed. unlike the world map, the local map doesn't zoom (yet at least).
*add klik sfx to draw / sheath wpn key
* add klik to run walk
* add klik to continuous move, crouch, and climb, and toggle view.
* animal cliprng > chunk cliprng! set default for all clip ranges to 300 ft.
* fixed: bedding that used to be in a shelter that subsequently weathered away: can't rest or rest and heal, says "lean-to wore out". bedding_menu() was passing the shelter's ID instead of the bedding's ID to wearout_world_object().   
* bm follow me: they flee if wounded (when badguys nearby).  BMAI reorganized into two types: badguys_nearby, and no_badguys_nearby. changed AI priorities: "follow orders" before "flee if half dead", etc.  now it only tests for and reacts to conditions appropriate for badguys or no badguys nearby. b2_bm_do_common_ai was inlined into the beginning of b2_run_BM() before b2_run_BM() was split into badguys nearby, and 
no badguys nearby.
* fixed: give to BM: add ctrl clik and shift click to prompt. made sure prompts were correct for all calls to shift_select_object(). "give to band" 
prompts were also fixed.  "give BM" and "give to band" were recently improved by switching from select_object() to shift_select_object(), 
which  added shift-click to select up to 10 of a type and quality, and ctrl-click to select all of a type, any quality. but the prompts were not 
updated to reflect the new capabilities. the prompts are now correct. 
* add nobutton (wait for mouse button release) after teleport in world and local maps.
* pass out, lack of sleep, while moving x-country: need to adj_bm_loc before sleeping. when pass out, if moving, calls stop_moving(cm1). this adjusts BM location, and moves CM1's followers and any other bandmembers following cm1.
* klik on esc from local map
* eat spoiled food, do 1dp as well as make sick. adds a new way to die! food poisoning! <g>
* increased collision radius of elasmotherium.
* fixed: x-country move: should be walk speed. added walk_movement_rate() and increase_walk_fatigue() for use by x-country movement.
* stream: make action area a bit wider:  changed from 15 ft to 18 ft rad from center line.
* creek: make action area a bit narrower:  changed from 10 ft to 8 ft rad from center line.
* remove_non_hostiles_over_time: removes too quickly. reduced from 10% to 1% chance per minute.
*move x-country: adj_bm_loc and move followers before rest action. now calls stop_moving if moving.
* regen terrain chunk when make or destroy or weather away store pit, or any other world obj.
removed redundant bedding_in_way check from generate_chunk() - bedding already handled by storepit_in_way. 
added init_chunks to:
bedding: add, wearout, demolish
huts: come, go
storepit: make, weather, abandon
tmp shelter: add, demolish, weather
abandoned hut: add,  bm takeover, weather away.
perm shelter: build, demolish, weather away, abandon and build new one, abandon and takeover existing abandoned one.
* clear_CM_cache when init_chunks. added call to clear collision maps when it inits (clears) terrain chunks when the terrain changes due to
player or npc strutcures coming and going.
* fixed: sneak hand attak doesn't trigger detection. a sneak hand attack hit that doesn't kill now sets sneak state to "detected by hostiles".
*flock: they crowd around the leader so tightly he/she can't move. now stops at 40, not 30 feet.
* animal AI - resting when under attack? common_flee_AI had rest as highest priority, moved it to lowest priority
* added automatic screen dump file names.
* increased minimum encounter range to 75 feet (affected mountains, woods and jungle).
* increased encounter ranges. min  is now 100. large herds of big game were still rather close in dense terrain. may need to make encounter 
range the range to closest encountered, not range to center of group. disburse the group away from player starting at the encounter point, 
instead of disbursing them around the encounter point.
* added draw_obj_in_hand to draw_bandmember when current_action!=DONTHING.   temporarily disabled in the demo until assets are
created for and assigned to all actions.
* fixed the height an avatar is drawn at when playing pray, sacrifice, and prayfire animations.
* fixed: caveman encounter messages used name of cm0 - the current band member - the one the human player is currently controlling, not the band member having the encounter.
* cut spacing between animals at time of encounter from 3x to 2.5x animal.rad
* only shows the "you're so fatigued you have to stop and rest" msg if its the current band member.
* added: footstep sfx when moving cross country
* caverns: now does new style caveman encounters (no talk / attack / ignore menu anymore).

beta 14:

* only plays combat sounds if source is within 75ft of player
* new action: abandon object: as drop, but removes object from sim.
* clears collision map cache when perm or temp shelter weathers away.
* enter shelter ani - draws higher off the ground.
* random music - adjust for gamespeed as to how often it plays. right now at high gamespeed it plays more frequently. 
1 in 800 at 15 fps < 1 in 800 at 15 fps at 128x speed! 
added bigdice()routine, goes up to dice(327,670,000)  made music play if dice(100M) < 20000/turns_per_render
* don't let BM enter occupied shelter
* view inventory - alphabetize and sort on quality
* Fixed:  bboxes for rocks are not correct. it now takes the rock mesh, and for each vertex, scales it and rotates it, 
then checks it against the current bbox size (init'ed to zero), increasing the bbox as needed. so all verticies are scaled and rotated, 
and the min and max x,y,z's of the results are the bbox corners.
* select item to trade: use shift select (shift-click for select 10, ctrl-click for select all).
* select item to trade: set select_object_offset to zero the first time, so the list is not scrolled down when they first enter the 
select item screen.
* click sfx for all mouse clicks and key presses
* tab between bm's: takes a long time to generate chunks. increase size of chunk cache? cache increased from 30 to 60 chunks. 
helps some, but they're travelling cross country, so you're always generating new chunks, so you still run out of chunks, no matter what. 
forgot to add more ground meshes to go with more chunks, took a while to track that bug down.
* nokey in world and local map after spacebar press, etc, so klik doesnt play a million times.
* add klik to keypresses in process input
* shift select, world map, local map, etc - add destroy_finished_voices
* gt kangas attacked Buh-ah! wrong ai? defend ai range too big? defend AI rng cut from 50 to 30 feet. 
* added nokey to end of wpn hotkeys - waits for key release, instead of clicking repeatedly.
* avians flying awfully low - switch away from wander, flock, etc, too fast? increased alt to 20 ft from 10.  
   increased max wander time. increased max wander range from leader. reduced chance to stop wandering at random. 
   reduced flock stop rng to 20 ft. added leader migrate to graze.  
* learn rope making, should wear out best nearby anvil stone, not first nearby anvil stone.
added best_nearby() function: returns world object index of the highest quality object of a given type within 20 feet 
of a given band member. wearout_nearby() now uses best_nearby() instead of doing a sequential search to find first nearby.
* make maintain distance and other non aggressive AI's flee when taking missile fire instead of attacking.
* cross country travel - navigation experience now has small chance to go up each minute you're in cross country travel mode, 
instead of going up when you successfully arrive at your destination.
* cross country travel on rafts - navigation experience now has small chance to go up each minute you're in cross country travel 
on board a raft mode, instead of going up when you successfully arrive at your destination.
* updated text on superfast screen (1-6 for gamespeed, x to stop action).
* action mode: use 1-9 for game speed. action mode and super fast screen text updated too.
* make it say "bah-gah-bah"  when you start an action
* reduce chunk size to reduce chunk gen time?   tested 100, 200, 300, and 400.   100 needs bigger cache,   200: no noticeable difference,  400 was slow.   set it back to 300.  perhaps as as big as you can generate/stream/load in a reasonable amount of time is the best terrain chunk size?
* fixed: max_ground_quads_per_chunk was set to chunksize, not (chunksize/quadsize) squared.
* in game menu:  music on/off: need nobutton. added.

beta 13:
* abandon current hut and take over this one: they will lose all dropped objects at the old hut! 
   when hut is abandoned, instead of asking player if they want to abandon their old hut and take this one over, 
   create an abandoned hut world object that weathers away over time. 
   player can take it over at any time. 
   abandoned hut actions: takeover, inspect, demolish. 
   added abandoned_hut object, and takeover, inspect, and demolish actions for abandoned_huts
* remove non-hostiles over time when game speed > 128x
* increased volume of smallherd_takehit.wav
* fixed defend ai: now only attacks if tgt is within 50.
* tutor: automatically stops cross country movement when the player first finds water, food, and rocks.
* audio: fixed: didn't check for voice ptr=0 in voice is playing
* doesn't switch to action ani fast enough? was calling startani with params reversed! 
* fixed: cave hyena attak sfx is lame
* fixed: by coding convention, all startani and setani routines now use model,ani as the parameter order.
   all calls to start or set anis changed to use model,ani parameter order throughout the code, including the Zlib. 
* fixed: thief dialog not triggering. was going into "comon ai: target is near: fight or flight" first. and approaching thieves are friendly 
   cavemen who don't attack band members.  so it would run up to the player to attack, but not attack them, and never trigger the 
   dialog. common ai has been modified so thieves whose target is cm0 dont go into fight or flight, giving them a chance to trigger 
   the dialog.
* improved modeling of full fatigue for band members, cavemen, and animals: movement rate changed from zero to 1/2 walking speed. 
   attacks changed from not allowed to allowed with 1/2 damage and a minimum of 1 dp.  jump changed to initial vertical velocity cut in 
* fixed: band member y not set when moving following band members in cross country movement. adjust_bandmember_location only set 
   band member y if it actually adjusted location due to collision with terrain or other entity. now it always sets band member y after first 
   making any necessary adjustments to location.
* select_object and shift_select_object now sort on name AND quality
* random_music plays song #0 (intro music) less often
* savanna grass size cut by 1/3. height cut by 1/2.
* input split into fps mode, action mode, and anytime mode. anytime mode input now available during action mode.
* improved camera angle for action mode animations
* band member AI: follow band member: now stops at range 10, not 20.
* game plays random grunt sfx more often
* increased find time for reeds
* increased find time for flint
* fixed: not always starting animal anis correctly when adding new animals to the simulation.
* fixed: not setting action anis for BMs other than current BM.
* fixed: lockup in bandmember_in_way_of_bandmember when BM #2 crossed into next map sq from BM #1. replaced iterator with good old
   fashioned for loop. works fine now. unsure what was wrong with original code. but new code should be bullet-proof.
* fixed: move action not set ani correctly. set_action_ani was using male walk ani for both sexes. move action was using female walk ani 
   for females. made females switch anis all the time. set_action_ani now used both male and female walk anis. call to set ani in move() 
   procedure turned off. action anis are now set just before draw if needed.
* fixed: animal attacking interrupts bm leaving shelter. make BMAI automatically leave shelter if needed with no action required. 
* animal AI: dont stop to rest if attacking or fleeing. make rest a lower priority action. rest moved from highest to lowest priority 
   common AI action.
* fixed: friendly cavemen following their leader, they dont stop!  was using rng to wander point, not rng to leader for stopping.
* game automatically sheaths BM's wpn when they start an action
* change ani cam view to looking at BM from their right
* better savanna grass (changed scale AGAIN! now at 1.0 1.0 1.0)
* changed stop action to "X" key. now ESC works during action mode to pull up the ingame menu.
* default learn ani set to find.ani for now.
* option to turn off music so player can play their own via winamp etc.
* sleep action ani: draw them higher off the ground 



beta 12:
* refactored and improved AI
* give orders to party members
* sound effects
* music
* animations for actions

* following band members now keep up during cross country movement. 
* band member AI uses best weapon 
* band member AI leaves temp shelter on hostile encounter
* band member AI: stops action if animals nearby. animal must now be within 50, not 100. warriors, companions, tamed, subdued, captured, and non attack_AI animals are now excluded.
* game now checks for encounters once per party, not once per BM. doesn't check encounters for BMs who are within 300 of a BM who has already had their encounters checked.
* fixed: don't let 2 bm's butcher same animal!
* band member AI: attack orders: doesn't attack wounded fleeing thief? cant catch - target too fast?
   fixed: was comparing target run speed vs BM walk speed for "skip if target is to fast to catch"
* new AI and orders menu design
* new bandmember AI done
* new orders menu done
* compiles with no warnings with all warnings turned on. fixed a half dozen non-explicit conversions, made them explicit.
* compiles with no warnings in static code analysis. fixed a few potential range check errors, and a couple of possibly uninitialized variables.
* made new band member AI use sprint speed
* made new band member AI play correct animations
* animal and avian AI done
* model animal fatigue
* model animal (flunkey) sneak detection
* set "animal taking fire variables" in check_missile_collision code
* avian version of do_orders
* new avian AI
* load and save animal[a].diving
* collision maps
* ambient sfx
* water sfx
* fire sfx
* BM atttack sfx
* play action animations w/ ani camera view
* finished animal attack sfx
* npc attack sfx 
* bm take non-missile hit sfx
* npc take non-missile hit sfx
* code for animal take non-missile hit sfx
* takehit sfx for all animals
* random grunts - caveman ambient audio
* missile hitting tgt sfx
* code to play action sfx
* assign sfx's to all actions
* assign make/repair sfx's to all object types
* get/find sfx for all object types
* sfx when learn skills that use male/female voice (singing and talking type skills)
* ocean sfx when near ocean
* action anis
* stop all wavs when quit game.
* dont let player tab to dead BM
* music
* all audio working
* no random sfx at high game speeds - runs out of voices
* destroy_finished voices added to run_song, stop_all_wavs, and play_ambient_audio
* music starts at title screen now - not main menu
* when possible, uses sfx/wav # != -1, not Zvoice_is_playing to determine if a wav is playing
* use shift select for give bm item
* band member menu: show bm name and relations
* abandon current hut and take over this one:  i suspect they will lose all their stuff at the old hut! 
  when hut is abandonded, instead of asking player if they want to abandon their old hut and take this one over, 
   create an abandoned hut world object that weathers away over time. 
  player can take it over at any time. 
  abandoned hut actions: takeover, inspect, demolish. 
  added abandoned_hut object, and inspect and demolish actions for abandoned_huts
* remove non-hostiles over time when gamespeed > 128x
* increased volume of smallherd_takehit.wav
* fixed defend ai: now only attacks if tgt is within 50.
* tutor: automatically stops cross country movement when the player first finds water, food, and rocks.
* audio: fixed: didnt check for voice ptr=0 in voice is playing
* doesn't switch to action ani fast enough? was calling startani with params reversed! 
* fixed: cave hyena attak sfx is lame

Beta 11:
* added /d command line switch.  the /d switch turns on verbose debugging progress messages 
   as the game starts. use this to track down errors running the game on your PC.


Beta 10:
* increased sleep time by about 10%
* gifts to cavemen increase relations by twice as much.
* fixed: cant rest & heal in temp shelter w/ bedding when sick but not injured.
   all rest and heal action triggers now use a single generic try_rest_heal() routine that lets you rest and heal 
   if you have damage or are sick.
* fixed: getting encumbrance fatigue when not moving or engaged in sedentary activities
* added button graphics to view inventory and view help
* rest and heal now shows damage as well as progress
* added eat/drink actions inside shelters
* find reeds: doubled time required, cut chance in half
* fixed: doesn't moves followers when cross-country movement stopped due to encounters, etc
* fixed: companion's model and textures not copied to new band member when they join your band
* fixed: companion's 3rd interest not copied to new band member when they join your band
* fixed: companion's social not set when they join your band. now set to 100.
* turned off damage display over band members
* added "add companion" to playtest menu
* added "add lean-to" to playtest menu
* AI recalculates best target every 2 seconds, not every 5.
* fixed: doesn't draw rain/snow outside temp shelters
* fixed: new band member not set to alive when companion joins band
* fixed: not loading and saving cm[].alive
* increased MAX_RESOURCES in a map sq from 1000 to 2000
* cut cave/rockshelter/hut resource reduction chance by 50%
* fixed: added renew_resources() to change_the_map(). 10% chance per day for depleted map sq to 
   renew back to MAX_RESOURCES.
* added "issue orders". remap-able "o" key input. orders menu: follow me, attack, and as you were.
* added "make sacrifice to Earth Godess Gah" to rocks menu. volcanoes only was too hard.
* successful sacrifice actions now boost god relations by 30. was 5 for fire, and 20 for all others.
* increased local automap range from just the players current local map square (100 foot) to a radius of 2 local 
   map squares around the  player's local map sq.  range before: 0-100 feet. range now: 200-300 feet.
* game now runs fast with non-hostiles nearby!   wont go faster than 128x with hostiles alive. doesn't run 
   animals at speeds above 128x.
* button graphics for select_object screen
* button graphics for shift_select_object screen
* button graphics for trade screen
* increased collision rad: mixotoxodon
* increased collision rad: gt ground sloth
* increased collision rad: short faced bear
* fixed: animal encounters: start location not normalized
* fixed: caveman encounters: start location not normalized
* make bedding: shows progress %
* make bedding in shelter: shows progress %
* fixed: draws plants over bedding
* fixed: regen terrain chunks when build temp shelter
* fixed: regen terrain chunks when build bedding
* fixed: search dead CM: take one: doesn't remove item from list!
* fixed: action msg for making fire is messed up
* increased clip rad: world objects (due to temp wood shelter).
* increased action area for selecting temp shelter.
* 1 hand stone hammer: doubled time to find, cut chance to find in half.
* demo expires Dec 1st 2014

Beta 9:

* Improved avian attack AI.
* Improved how AI handles fatigue.
* Talk to cavemen: talk action now produces results based on how well interests match. 
* Improved companion AI.
* Improved warrior AI.
* Improved and TAMED AI.
* Companions, warriors, and tamed animals move with the player cross country.
* Companions, warriors, and tamed animals are not removed from the simulation when distant.
* Chance to get lost reduced by 50%.
* Setup program.
* Improve tutor re: find water etc.
* Added hunt, kill, and butcher to tutor.
* Added hide bundle to tutor.
* Gamespeed drops to realtime when the in-game menu is exited.
* Thief encounters: adeed a msg if player gives thief all player's stuff saying: "they take all your stuff, then run away!".
* Animals and NPC encounters start facing a random direction, and a random amount through their stand animation.
* Improved mediterrainian female head mesh.
* Turned off resolution messages at startup. 
* Added video info to tools menu, shows msg with current resolution.
* Fixed: Won't enter climb mode -  speed based on slope interfering.
* Realistic movement rate for all directions.
* Speed based on slope: based on slope in direction of movement, not slope ahead.
* Added continue from last saved game to main menu
* More action messages now show progress.
* Demo ending
* Draws superfast screen when switch to superfast speeds.
* Improved beta screen
* Bathe is now separate step in the tutor
* Added "make wood shelter" to savanna menu
* World obj database increased from 200 to 500 records. 
* Failure to make rope doesn't result in loss of cordage used.
* Added sing and daydream to inside shelter menus
* Improved demo screen
* Added Rockland logo animation
* Buttons for create character, world map, local map, and view stats screens.
* Increased clip rad of world objs.
* Temp shelters - now draws rain outside, like rockshelters.
* Falling rain / snow only wakes up pc's that are outside - not in a shelter of some sort.
Beta 8
* tutor removes badguys and restores player if player dies.
* tutor always runs the demo map, even in full version.
* windows message boxes that appear before the game goes into fullscreen 3D graphics mode now show the mouse cursor.
* 3pv max zoomout increased from 30 to 50 feet.
* game now draws superfast screen at gamespeeds > 1024x when doing actions.
* game does red screen flash when player takes damage from falling.
* adjust_location, adjust_animal_location(), and adjust_bandmember_location() 
   now normalize the adjusted location, then set y (if needed) to the heightmap of the normalized adjusted location.
* help file updated with new game speed controls.
New or improved info in the tutor:
* cross-country travel
* accelerated time
* fatigue
* healing
* mood
* using the world map
* finding stone
* finding food
* gathering / eating food
* containers
* encumberance
* how to drop objects
Beta 7
Demo and full versions:
* draw_loadscreen() should now scale correctly for resolutions higher than 1600x900.
* added more robust error checking to load_loadscreen().
* increased rocks, berry bushes, water, etc in demo map.
* minor improvements to tutorial - less information overload when you view the world map for the first time.
Beta 6
Demo and full versions:
* fixed bug in resolution auto detect code.
* added newer coverage types to change_the_map(). 
* added tropical and temperate zones to change_coverage().
* shelters now only have a 50% chance per day to reduce resources in map squares within a 3 map square radius.
* weapon hotkey assignments are cleared if you no longer have the weapon.
* automatically rest during all actions, not just move.
* snow no longer makes fire go out. 
* rain/snow transition temp reduced to 34 deg F.
* new game speed controls, keyboard + and - .  Use backspace for realtime. 
  Increases and decreases game speed by powers of two - nice and smooth.
Full version only (not included):
* doubled the number of rocks, fruit trees, berry bushes, and tarpits.
* increased water: 4x streams, 8x creeks and dry creeks, 2x all other types of water.
* thylacoleo - marsupial lion. reduced dmg to 5.
An improved tutorial is planned that will include increased rocks, water, etc on the map.
Beta 5
Demo and full versions:
* AI now responds immediately to missile weapon attacks.
* support for multiple resolutions. device independent blit and mouse routines. auto detects and uses highest compatible resolution.
   can be overridden with startup_rez.dat file with line 1 = horiz rez, line 2 = vert rez (text file). Game tested at 640x480, 800x600,
   1024x768, 1280x1024, 1440x900, and 1600x900.  Game should now work at any resolution that has 32 bit ARGB color and 24 bit 
   depth buffer.
* turned back on automatically resting during move action. 
* damage is no longer displayed over dead bodies.
* damage is no longer displayed over the player in 3rd person view.
* increased clip radius of Acacia trees.
Full version only (not included):
* 21 types of quest generators now done and tested.
* raiding and inter-band rivalry/conflict: band relations, giving gifts to bands, gift encounters, ask for aid in a raid, call for aid 
   encounters, raids on player shelters affected by band relations, attacking bands damages relations, "aid ally in raid" quest 
Beta 4
Demo related changes:
* gamespeed 6 - even faster than gamespeed 5. one screen per hour. 
   does not draw the scene. does not run animals or npcs. 
   can only be entered when no hostiles nearby.  
* reduced encounter ranges.
* rockshelter encounters now only appear below cliffs.
* AI avoids cliffs.
* animals react immediately to being attacked while sneaking.
* animals react immediately to long range missile attacks.
* local map text easier to see on scrub terrain.
* gamespeed display is now shown immediately upon entering gamepseeds
   4 through 6, not at the next screen update.
* eat actions now show food stat.
* forage increases food stat less quickly.
* added difficulty levels to the "start new game" screen.
* predators get hungry sooner.
* game now draws UI and gamespeed on superfast screens.
* added spiced meat stew to eat meat menu.
* moved tutor to main menu.
* inventory and "select an item" screens now show armor points.
* demo watermark moved so it doesn't cover gamespeed.
Non-demo related changes (not included in the downloads):
* 14 types of quest generators added.
* 1pv / 3pv camera, and 3pv zoom distance added to savegame.
* animations for all active bandmembers and animals 
   are now initialized to "stand" when a game is loaded.
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