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Previous games by Rockland Software Productions

Caveman v2.0 - Caveman VR (2008) - Virtual reality caveman simulator / RPG / FPS. Unreleased.

Dominoker (first release 2004) - Poker style game using dominos.

Combat Racer (first release 2003) - Armored gravcar racing combat simulator with vehicle design and built-in track, race series, and game editors.

Cybertank (first release 2002) - Gravtank combat simulator with vehicle design, squad level operations, and built-in editors.

Caveman (first release 2000, 3 versions) - Caveman simulator / RPG / FPS in the style of The SIMs, with FPS combat, FPS settlement exploration, and FPS cavern exploration.

Gamma Wing (first release 1994, 5 versions) - Space fighter simulator similar to Wing Commander.

GDK (Gamma Wing Developer's Kit, first release 1994) - weapon, ship, mission, and graphics editors for Gamma Wing.

Armies of Steel (first release 1993) - Realtime wargame with high resolution graphics, animations, and mouse driven interface.

Combat Zone (first release 1993) - Arcade style realtime wargame with high resolution graphics, animations, and mouse driven interface.

Global War (first release 1990, 3 versions) - A RISK style strategic combat wargame. Turn based, with seven types of units, mouse driven interface, and a nuclear option.

Siege! (first release 1990, 3 versions) - realtime castle construction and siege combat simulator.

Tank (first release 1989, 6 versions) - Arcade tank combat / tank combat simulator. Originally a clone of the arcade classic top down view red vs blue tank, this evolved into a squad level realtime tank combat simulator with vehicle design and helicopters.

Mordorventure III (first release 1989, 6 versions) - Fantasy RPG with dungeon, wilderness, and city adventure. Included realtime individual combat, castle construction and siege combat, and realtime medieval army combat.

SIMTrek / SIMSpace (first release 1988, 8 versions) - Star Trek style forward view realtime capital starship flight and combat simulator with mouse driven interface. The game that started the Star Trek flight sim genre.

Flying saucer shooter (1982) - Missile Command style arcade shooter game. Unreleased.

Lunar Lander (1979) - a clone of the arcade classic Lunar Lander game for the IBM mainframe. Unreleased.

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