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Caveman v3.0
That's right!  Grab your stone knife and sharpen your spear!  Its time to go hunting again!  CAVEMAN is BACK!

Bigger and badder than ever, the new CAVEMAN v3.0 places you in a fully immersive Paleo-world simulation.

The game has been completely re-designed with a FPS/3PS RPG type interface that puts you in the center of the 
action at all times.

Made up animals have been replaced with over 50 species of actual extinct Mega-Fauna to hunt or be hunted by, 
including: Saber Tooth Tigers, Woolly Mammoths, and Short Faced Bears.

Hundreds of new actions have been added to the game, from repairing weapons to building and sailing rafts. And
of course, you can still pick berries and all the other usual things.

CAVEMAN 3.0 introduces avians to the game.  Now you can fight flying creatures with weapons like bows, atlatls,
and javelins.  

The number of weapons in the game has increased to over 50, and there are now over 300 types of objects you
can find, make, or trade for.  

The number of skills in the game has been increased to over 40 different skills, with experience points in each. 
You can research, practice, teach, or learn any skill. 

The new version includes a wider variety of terrain types and environments to explore: from sandy dunes to snow
covered tundra; from volcano badlands to lush tropical rain forests.

Now you can choose from over 500 different character models with different facial features, hair styles, skin tones, 
and eye and hair colors.

Just like the original game, you have an entire continent to explore. A randomly generated persistent modifiable
open world driven by random encounters - no scripted stuff here!

A greater emphasis on realism has been made in this version, especially with respect to the animals in the game, 
and other details such as domesticable animals, population densities, frequency distribution of shelters, and types
of shelters you can build.

CAVEMAN 3.0 now adds watercraft to the game.  Go to the shoreline and build a raft. Learn to sail it. Use it to travel
across the ocean to distant lands.

CAVEMAN 3.0 harnesses the power of today's PCs to render the CAVEMAN game world in higher detail than ever 

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