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Take to the skies in this highly realistic airship flight simulator!  AIRSHIPS! is a mission based airship flight and combat simulator.  The setting is an alternate history WW1 period, where helium is more plentiful,  and all major powers have airship fleets.  Choose to fly for any of six world powers in a mission area that stretches from Chicago to Moscow!  Outfit your ship with machine guns, bombs, commandos, parasite fighter aircraft, even a small naval gun!  Engage in a wide variety of missions including scouting, bombing, commando raids,  naval patrol, and anti-submarine warfare. Targets include troop emplacements, tanks, trucks, trains, fighters, bombers, enemy airships, naval vessels, submarines, artillary, aircraft hangers, airship hangers, factories, towns, docks, and more!

AIRSHIPS! is currently under development.

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